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The Creativity Cure | Scribner

How to Build Happiness with Your Own Two Hands

In The Creativity Cure: How To Build Happiness With Your Own Two Hands husband-and-wife physicians Carrie and Alton Barron draw upon the latest psychological research, a combined forty years of medical practice, and personal experience to reveal that creative action is integral to easing depression and anxiety and to fueling wellbeing. The need to create—to produce something using our minds and hands—is fundamental. It connects us to our inner selves and to our environment and offers the deep satisfaction of accomplishment. But too often, in our technology driven, fast-paced society, we neglect this need. Creative processes facilitate insight and healing, connect our mental and physical selves, supply satisfaction and meaning and thereby enhance everyday life. You need not be an artist or writer or

musician—though one never knows—to take creative action. The Creativity Cure can be used by anyone, no experience necessary. It is not about making art or being an artist, but rather mining the opportunities in your midst.



“An invaluable action guide to creating opportunities for greater joy, purpose and meaning through self-expression.” - Library Journal
“The Barrons have outlined a clear and achievable step-by-step process that allows anyone to not only heal but to unlock our individual road map for a powerful, happy and fulfilling life.” - Bob Woodruff, ABC News correspondent and author of In an Instant
“The Creativity Cure is a most welcome addition to the literature on personal and relationship transformation. I highly recommend you read this book.” - Gay Hendricks, PhD, author of Conscious Living and coauthor, with Dr. Kathlyn Hendricks, of Conscious Loving
“While recovering from shoulder surgery done by Dr. Alton Barron, I was compelled to read The Creativity Cure, written by Drs. Carrie and Alton Barron. Given the importance of movement in the process of rehabilitation, the book inspired me to push through pain and loss of motivation to focus on getting back my range of motion and strength. After finishing the book about a week after surgery, I did something that I had previously taken great lengths to avoid: I assembled a large red toy kitchen for my toddler son. While I've achieved a lot in my life, nothing gave me quite the joy of finishing my construction project with my own two hands.” - David Brinker, Senior Vice President, News Corp
“Carrie Barron is a highly creative physician, writer and speaker.” - Julie Silver, M.D., Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School
“The Creativity Cure rocks! The Barrons have written a prescription for happiness. Follow the doctors’ orders and you can’t help but feel better.” - Peter Criss, founding member of KISS


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